5 Valentines Date Ideas

Hey my lovelies, it is officially one week until valentines day, so today's post is a list of 5 ideas for Valentines Dates. Sadly, I do not have a date for valentines day, aww, but that is not gonna stop me. So don't worry, if you are alone this valentines day, there will also be posts for anyone who is spending there Valentines Day alone. There will be two posts on if you are alone to watch on Valentines, one on books and one on movies.
Under the cut are the date ideas.

1. If you want to splash the cash, you can take your partner on a romantic getaway either abroad or a trip to the countryside or city. For example, due to Valentines Day being on a Saturday, you can have a weekend away in Paris or Spain.

2. What about an hour or two, skating around your local ice rink? It's fairly cheap, I doubt you will have to spend more than £25.00 and it is such a fun thing to do, no matter if you can skate or not (personally i think it is more cute if you can't). And afterwards or if you want a little break have a nice hot chocolate with whipped cream and marsh mellows is anything better?

3. A nice home cooked meal, if it is always your partner who does the cooking, why don't you give it a try, I am sure they would appreciate it and then let them have a nice relaxing day,maybe a cute movie afterwards.

4. Similar to the third point, what about taking your partner to a restaurant and have a date, personally I would go for something that you would not normally go for. Maybe an Italian and have a lady and the tramp moment, with the spaghetti?

5. How about a date to your local cinema? There has got to be some romantic movies on, and I am not talking 50 shades of grey. Depending on your seats and popcorn, this should cost no more than £30.

That is it my lovelies for my 5 Valentines Date Ideas, my Valentines Gift Guide Comes out on 10th February. There should be some more Valentines themed posts coming soon.

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