If you are a company, publishers or author that wishes for me to review your book, then simply drop me an email at (I am currently accepting indie authors) There we can chat about how you wish to send me the book, be it a ebook or a physical copy.  Although there is not an exact time frame I will review the book in and if the book is received, it will be clearly stated that I received the book on a read for review status. When emailing could you please include; the summary, release date, cover photo and any other information that you deem necessary.

All books received on a read for review status, are reviewed honestly, with all of the thoughts being completely my own opinion and are not influenced in anyway. Reviews may include negative comments about the book, however none are in a malicious manor. I only want to ensure that my readers know exactly what they are getting in for, for each book, in order to help them see if it is right for them. 


If you are a company that wishes for me to review your product(s), then send me an email at Then we can talk about how you want to send me the product. On this post it will also be clearly stated that I received the product for free for a review.


If you are interested in becoming an affiliation of mine, then send me and email at There we can talk about what kind of affiliation link you would like, and to see whether or not you or your brand fit with my blog, in order to see if we can come to some kind of agreement. This includes; 
  • Blog Posts about a service or product
  • A permanent mention on one of my pages
  • Shout out on social media etc.