About Me

Hey my lovelies,

My name is Emma and I am a blogger, who mainly posts bookish things. I adore books and own over 150 in total.  I am currently 15 16 17 18 years old and I have just finished high school attend college.

Over Christmas in 2014, I received a lot of books as presents and as I was adding them to my goodreads, I noticed some of them didn't have a lot of reviews and that is how EnglishBlonde started up.
EnglishBlonde is my little corner of the internet, which is somewhere for me to express myself in ways that I sometimes find I can't do in real life. Here you can find my love of books, movies and tv shows. I really hope that you can enjoy what I do and join in with me.
If you want to speak with me privately pop me an email on englishblonde1@gmail.com

I am also on Goodreads, Instagram  and Twitter, if you want to check them out.