Hey my lovelies, welcome to my FAQ page. If you have any questions that aren't answered below, please contact me here:
Email : englishblonde1@gmail.com


Can I send my book to you to read and review?

Yes you can, it does not mean I will definitely read and review the book though. Please check out my PR/Disclaimer page.

Are you accepting Indie requests?

Yes, I currently am, however this does not mean they will be accepted. Please check out my PR/Disclaimer page.

Can I request a book review?

Yes, you can request book reviews, although it does not necessarily mean I will do it and read the book. Just if you do please put the book name and author, I know it is obvious but some people forget.

Could you write a post about *insert brand/product name here*?

Yes, please contact me via my email, in order to see if we can come to some kind of arrangement and to see if your post idea suits my blog. 

Could you give my book a shout out?

I only recommend books on my blog, that I have personally read and enjoyed. If you would like me to read your book and then give you a shout out if I enjoyed reading it. Then that is completely fine. 

What type of books do you prefer to read, HC, PB or EB?

I personally prefer to read paperbacks, as I like the way they feel compared to hard covers, however they definitely do look prettier on my shelf. Although, I never do stray far from my kindle. 

How often do you post book reviews?

I try to post a book review every friday, however I do not always succeed in this, much to my dismay.