Book Review: Fangirl by Angel Lawson

Book Review: Fangirl by Angel Lawson

Hey my lovelies, I am going to be completely honest with you guys here. I did not buy this book, I actually read it on Wattpad for free (link here). If you did not know Wattpad is a website which people can post their stories on and get feedback. Recently a few authors have been posting there published novels on their to get publicity for there books. Which makes it great for us, as we get to read them for free and it is all  completely legal. 
 But I have to say I immensely enjoyed it, I was planning to go to bed early, but got stuck reading this until 1am and I did not regret it. After feeling crappy and ill, sometimes you just need a good piece of chick lit and it was exactly that, with the right amount of fandoms, love, ex-boyfriends and zombies, Zombies! Not real ones, but if you've read the book you will know what I mean.  So if you want a good lighthearted read, then this is the book for you. Just to note despite the fact that there are zombies in it, it is in no way a fantasy or scifi book, it is a contemporary novel.  I rate this 4 stars,  due to there not being any plot holes or unanswered questions. So here is my  sixth book review of 2015. . .
Goodreads Summary: Ruby Miller has her summer all planned out. Sitting by the pool. Babysitting for some extra cash. Packing for college. All of that changes when a fan video Ruby and her best friend, Iris, create goes viral gaining their little fansite a ton of hits and the attention of the big wigs in Hollywood.

Ruby and Iris fall into the world of actors, movie sets, teen stars and elusive artists. Not only is their friendship put to the test when Ruby's cast in the lead role of the newest zombie flick, she must straddle the line between fiction and reality, love and lust, and being true to herself.

This as you know if you read my read in January post was the sixth book I read in January. I really loved the idea of the concept, which was about a fangirl, who makes a video of her cosplaying her favourite character and the author of what she is cosplaying watches it and casts her in the tv series. Every teenage girls (or boys) dream right? But then Ruby has to face the trials and tribunes of being famous.
*Spoilers from now on* If you have not read the book yet, turn around and go read it. NOW!
The Characters
Ruby is a headstrong teenage girl, who planned on spending her summer babysitting, but instead when she and her best friend Iris make a fan vid of their favourite zombie graphic novel, the author watches it and casts her in the tv/mini series. Ruby is a character that you can relate to and the fact she is living most peoples dreams of meeting there idols and hitting it off.
For me personally, I thought that Iris got a bit whiny at times, when she did'nt get her own way, like when she wanted to make her and Rubys website more gossipy, but then fell out with her when Ruby did not want to because she wanted it to be pure and not corrupted. If that makes sense, as the paparazzi are constantly hounding her and then her best friend who is supposed to understand her wants to be a part of them.
I liked the ending even though you knew it was obvious from the beginning when Ruby was in the slutty costume and Gabe saved her from the crowd. But I would of liked it abit better if Rubys co star Andrew came out with his boyfriend even though we did meet his boyfriend in the epilogue, but maybe thats just me wanting a happy ending? Although I am happy he dumped his agent. I really did enjoy this book and I will be reading this again, when I need a lighthearted read to bring me up.

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