Book Review: Out of Order by Casey Lawrence

Hey my lovelies, today's review is Out of Order by Casey Lawrence, I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I seriously enjoyed this book, a lot more than I honestly thought I would, although I was scheduled to read a few other books before this one, but I read the synopsis and could not resist.
Title: Out of Order
Author: Casey Lawrence
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Pub. Date: March 21st 2015
Date Read:   Thursday 19th May 2016
Pages:  180
Rating:4.5/5 stars
Goodreads SummaryCorinna “Corey” Nguyen’s life seems perfectly average for a closeted bisexual whiz kid with her eyes on college and a budding romance with her friend Kate. Sixteen and navigating senior year with her tight-knit group of best friends through crushes, breakups, and pregnancy scares, Corey mistakenly believes that running for valedictorian and choosing the right college are the worst of her worries. That is, until prom night, when she’s left alone and in shock, hiding inside a diner restroom, the only witness to a multiple homicide.

With graduation looming, the pressure is on for Corey to identify the killer and ensure that the crime that has changed her life forever will not go unpunished.


Out of Order followed Corey go through the tragic circumstance of her best friends being murdered and her only making it out alive by sheer luck. The novel kicks straight off with the tragic act and then continues to flip back and forth between before the murders and afterwards. At certain points I completely forgot about finding the killer, as even though there was not actually much mystery to who the killer was, as I personally did not feel the drive to find out who it was and even though the synopsis suggests it revolves around her trying to find out who the killer, it does not. Instead she just stumbles upon the information. I did not guess the killer, even though other reviewers on good reads feel like they should have. Although other scenes in the book did make more sense why they were included after words. This is an lgbt+ book, as it does deal with Corey being bisexual, however she is fully open with this herself and is more to do with getting other people to be confident with themselves.

Out of Order was really good, for me it wasn't quite up to the standard of the Hate List, but I am loving the angsty reads at the moment. I did find a few spelling mistakes in the novel, however these were easily looked over.  Overall the book got me wrapped up in the plot and due to the overall shortness of the novel it only took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to get through it, I actually read it on the same day as I received it via email, which i probably shouldn't have due to the sheer size of my tbr pile, but I knew it had a lot of angst and I was simply in the mood for it.

This book got me a bit emotional, not going to lie I had tears in my eyes in certain scenes of the book and if a book can reduce me to almost tears, then that's what I call a good book (as it is very rare I actually cry due to sadness, although I usually cry from laughter at least once a week). But i got so attached to Corey and I could actually feel her emotions and her loss for her friends.

The reason I rated Out of Order so high, was because I genuinely enjoyed reading it, which sadly does not seem to happen that often anymore.

A small warning this book doe's deal with drugs, guns, a shooting massacre and it messes with your feelings. 


I recommend this to anyone who wants to read a book to really get attached to the characters and is willing to (almost) cry.

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Another huge thank you to Casey Lawrence for allowing me to read and receive this book in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you for reading my lovelies, this is it for this week, if you would like to see more of what I am currently reading you can check me out on GoodreadsInstagram and Twitter

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