May and June Wrap Up & July TBR!

Hey my lovelies, welcome to another (two) months wrap up! In May I only managed to read four books, so I decided to wait and do another combination wrap up with June! So lets get down to it...

The first book I read in May was Half Wild by Sally Green, I first read this a few years ago, when it first came out, but when I decided to finally read Half Lost for the first time, I had to read this as well, as in April I read Half Bad. And shockingly the next book I read was Half Lost, are you seeing a theme yet? You can find my review of Half Wild by Sally Green here. As I said I also read Half Lost, however currently I'm not really sure how I'm feeling about it, as the series definitely did not end the way I was expecting it too.

The third book I read in May was Caraval by Stephanie Gerber, and I loved it! This will definitely be making it on my favourites of 2017 post at the end of the year, and I am so excited for the sequel, I won't delve into any of the juicy bits right now, as I have plans to post a full review by the end of next month. 

The fourth book I read in May was Love you to death by Meg Cabot, I got it in my head that the best way to get myself out of a (mini) reading slump, was to read an old favourite series of mine, however when I went to do this I actually only got round to reading the first one. 

And now onto June I read a grand total of 5 books. With the first one being The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, and wow was this a book, for me the only downfall is the novel definitely seemed to last forever, as I got thoroughly enraptured in the world building and writing of the book. And in all honesty if you haven't read it yet, what have you been doing? And you should do exactly what I did and go into it completely blind.

The second book I read in June was Pigeon Blood Red by Ed E. Duncan, in all honesty I received this book in exchange for review last year, and I have only just managed to get round to reading it (I'm sorry), which is why I'm not going to get to into the nitty gritty details, as the review is scheduled for the 21st July. However, Pigeon Blood Red is a multiple point of view thriller, following our mains face the consequences for actions they didn't necessarily take. 

The third book I read in June was Landline by Rainbow Rowell, I started reading this book about two, maybe three years ago, whilst on holiday and didn't enjoy it, so I put it down. So I decided to give it another go, and I really enjoyed it, maybe it is because I'm older now? I'm not really sure. Landline follows a woman in a declining marriage, who finds an old telephone that allows her to ring her husband back in the late nineties, which gives her the option of changing the past, so he never married her in the first place. 

The fourth book I read in June was Soundless by Richelle Mead, this was another book I wanted knocked off my TBR, and I've finally done it! Woohoo. It also means I've read every book on my Richelle Mead/Marie Lu shelf, which I am very happy about. Soundless follows Fei, who lives in a deaf village, which relies on the town below to deliver them food, however everything changes when she suddenly regains her hearing.  

The fifth book I read in June was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, this was another reread for me, as I have plans to complete the Red Queen series this summer. The last time I read Red Queen I wrote a review, which you can find here. 

July TBR

And now onto the books I plan to read in July, So this months TBR pile has 4 books in and they are...

The first book I plan to read in June is Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard, as the final book I read in June was Red Queen, my plan is to try to complete the series, as I have yet to read the next 2.5 books. 
The second book I plan to read in June is Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard, I have technically read this book before, as I did read Queen Song, when it  was released, however bar Coriane dying (which isn't a spoiler), I can't  really remember what happened. 

The third book I plan to read in June is King's Cage, also by Victoria Aveyard, and is the most recent published one, as it only came out in February. With the fourth and final book expected to be released in February 2018, and I know if I don't get this series knocked out this summer, there is no way I will be able to read it when the next one comes out. 

That is it for this months tbr and last months wrap up, I hope you've enjoyed finding out what I've read in May, and let me know what you're planning to read in June, either by commenting, on Goodreads or via Twitter

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