Top 10 Thursday: 10 Tips for Wattpad Authors

Top 10 Thursday Post

Hey my lovelies, todays Top 10 Thursday post is 10 Tips for Wattpad Authors. I have been a member of wattpad for almost 5 years now and have collected these helpful hints and I figured for todays post I would share them with you.

1. The 'never judge a book by its cover' saying does not come into play here. I find that if you have a cover I like, then am more likely to read the story, so the more professional looking the cover, the more reads.

2. Post a chapter once or twice a week on regular days to get a following going. With people regularly checking your story, this will also drive your stats up.

3. You can use multimedia to promote your work, you can request that someone makes you a cover, banner or a trailer in the mutimedia club. This can get people more interested in your work if they see something visual.

4. Don't ask people to read your work, I find that if people do this to me I either delete the comments and I find alot of people also do this as it comes of quite desperate. That does not mean you should not approach people and make friends though.

5. If you find that someone has commented and voted a number of times, its always nice to say thank you and it will make you even more likable in their eye and they could tell their friends.

6. Use other social platforms to promote your work such as tumblr, twitter and facebook. That way using tags you can reach out to a whole other group of people.

7. Always tag your stories with information that is relevant. Trust me, this way your story will come up when relevent stories are searched.

8. When choosing a title, make sure no one on the site has the same one, as you want to stand out and be different.

9.  Don't expect to become famous overnight, or in a week, it takes time for people to find out and read your book.

10. Pay attention to the stats on your stories, this gives you a good indicator if your story will be successful if you plan to publish after completing it.

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