Book Review: Half Wild by Sally Green

Hey my lovelies, this weeks review is the fabulous Half Wild by Sally Green. If you didn't already know this book hit the stores last Tuesday and if you haven't picked it up already, i certainly would now, if not just for the book for the beautiful designed cover. I mean look at this. Also if you have not read last weeks review, check it out here.

The cover of Half Wild is stunning, black cover with a gorgeous green smoke wolf's heads silouette. I love it, though I do not think it is as stunning as its predecessors, but it is still gorgeous. My Half Bad book does not have a synopsis on the back instead it has the silouette of a face on both sides with different coloured backgrounds. Whereas my Half Wild copy has a front cover and a back cover with a blurb.

Now to start talking about the book with no spoilers. For me the book felt like a filler, like they weren't really sure what to put between the events of the first book and the finale of the series, so they figured lets get our main (Nathan) to meet a bunch of new characters that we'll kill of in the next chapter.

*Spoilers start now*
Nathans priority through out the book was Annalise, he probably talked about her once every two pages atleast. In the first couple of chapters it was just Nathan waiting for Gabriel in the same place as we left of in Half Bad. Then a Australian turns up saying he knows Gabriel and wants Gabriel's letters. Nathan refuses to give them to him and soon realizes that it is him who has the Fairborn (the dagger that can kill his father). When we get to the place they have Gabriel he meets Van, who is a powerful witch and can make potions to do anything. He then handed over the letters, which had half of this powerful necklace in. We know that this necklace must be pretty important and obviously a major part of the final novel. From then on Nathan talks about how he wants to save Annalise from Mercury.

Nathan soon realizes that the reason these new witches want to help him, is so that he will join there army that they are making against the council of white witches. He basically says yeah sure as long as you help me save Annalise. And a part of the book that seems pretty out of context is,  , the new witch does a spell so that Nathan can help Gabriel get back into his own body and once that is done. There are no descriptions of what Gabriel looks like or how old he is and considering how much description we had about Nesbitt, her Australian companion. Its strange. They then go on the hunt for Mercury, who has gone into hiding due to the hunters finding two of her hide outs. They then meet several witches, that can't seem that important as they die like two chapters after we meet them. So guess what they do next? They save Annalise and kill Mercury in the process.

That is the end of probably 3/5s of the novel the next 2/5s are them trying to get the alliance together and Nathan snogging Annalise. Various witches join the cause including Nathans brother Arran and sadly his older sister Deborah dies, I didn't feel any sympathy for her death though as I feel like Nathan didn't seem to care apart from that one scene from Arran. Just before that Nathan finds out that one of the main white witches in this Alliance is Cecelia, you remember Cecelia right? You know the woman who made him live outside in a cage and beat him, yeah now she wants him to help her. Personally I would just tell her f-off, But he doesn't do that instead he decides to help and get his father involved. After a week of belated father/son bonding time, Marcus joins. They then do a bunch of boring stuff and Nathan finally beats Cecelia in a fight. Wooh!

For practically years now everyone has been telling Nathan that Annalise was going to betray him and guess what she did? SHE BETRAYED HIM. In the middle of scavenging for supplies in one of the hunters secret supplies places. they were raided with hunters, that was when I started to think maybe Annalise had betrayed them, especially considering her older brother Connor was there. Then when Marcus killed Connor, Annalise shot Marcus to try and kill him. What A B*tch! So as his father was dying Nathan was told to eat his fathers heart, so he could gain Marcus's powers. Which he did,  but all I could imagine was that scene in season 1 of Game of Thrones, you know the one,  when Daenerys had to eat the horses heart to prove that her unborn son would be a strong leader one day. And that was how the book ended, so for me it definitely felt like a filler and obviously the author decided she needed Nathan to kill Marcus but had to do all of this, else it would be an extremely short book. One bit i definitely enjoyed was when Gabriel and Nathan kissed, which Nathan enjoyed might I add, but acted like that never happened and was a complete asshole to Gabriel and was practically throwing her in his face.

Overall I would rate this book a solid 4.25 stars. I definitely enjoyed it though and will be picking up the final book when it comes out in March 2016, even if it is just for me to stare at the (hopefully) pretty cover.

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