Top 10 TV Series

Hey my lovelies, today's post is a little different to my normal ones, but I needed a post for whilst I am on holiday and here it is....

10. Wayward Pines (Fox) - This is a new favourite of mine, it's a show that makes you ask so many questions and every episode leaves you with more. Hopefully, we will have more answers soon.

9. The Royals (E)- I enjoyed this show whilst it was on and I have to admit Princess Eleanor is one of my favourite female characters now.

8. The Vampire Diaries (ITV) - This used to be one of my best shows, but ever since half the cast separated to join the Originals, it just hasn't been as good, which is why it is slowly slipping of my Top 10 list.

7. Game of Thrones (Sky Atlantic) - I don't know anyone who hasn't loved Game of Thrones after only only the first couple of episodes and anyone who hasn't been heartbroken because of the many deaths that George R Martin has written in.

6. The Originals (Syfy) - I admit since the second season came out, I have binge watched both seasons just to see if they were any good and they were, especially the second season with Daniel Sharmon ;).

5. Pretty Little Liars (MTV) - This is another series i have gradually lost interest in, season 1/2 I thought was great, but since the fan base has got bigger, its slowly lost the mystery to me. Although it only has season 6 and 7 left, so I will definitely see it through to the end.

4. American Horror Story (Fox) - I started watching AHS during it's third season (Coven) and adored it and since I have followed through for Freak Show and plan on doing so for Hotel. Also whilst writing this post I am marathoning Murder House.

3. Teen Wolf (MTV) - Who doesn't love the idea of a group of teens who turn into supernatural creatures running around and trying to save the world. For me the best season was definitely Season 2, but that's mainly because I adore Erica Reyes and that was the season we finally started seeing Lydia as something other than the typical mean girl and hopefully in Season 5 they will take Lydia a step further and show her as the badass we all know she is.

2. The 100 (E4) - This show is amazing and I don't even have the words to describe it, but it is awesome. But I really did feel like smacking the adults in the second season.

1. Orphan Black (BBC) - Tatiana Maslany is an amazing actress. The way she play like seven or eight characters and gives them each a completely different personality and mannerisms. God, I love this show and of cause my favourite clone is a tie between Helena and Alison.

That is it my lovelies, but some honorable mentions do include Humans (Channel 4), 12 Monkey (Syfy) and Extant (Syfy).