June Wrap Up & July TBR!

Hey my lovelies, it is that time of the month again! It is time for another monthly wrap up. This month I managed to read a grand total of 9 books. This is good considering I finished college in the middle of the month, and was very busy because of that.
The first book I read in June was a Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, this book was not at all what i expected, and I did not enjoy it as much as I expected to, which is probably why I did not end up reading the rest of the trilogy this month. However, I have been told that this is just a book that you need to get through in order to enjoy the rest of the series, which is apparently amazing, but I doubt I will be getting to the other two books any time soon.

The second book I read in June was Mirror Image by Michele Pariza Wacek, I received this for free in exchange for an honest review as apart of it's book tour. This book was a lot better than I originally expected, even though it did take me awhile to get into it, but after that it was great, You can check out my full review of Mirror Image here.

The third book I read in June was The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey, you may remember that last month I finally got around to reading the Fifth Wave and wanted to finish the series, especially with the release of the last book. This book was a bit iffy for me, as there were definitely certain things that I did not like, however I did find the new point of view changes refreshing, which was why I rated the book a strong 4 stars.

Unsurprisingly, the fourth book I read in June was The Last Star by Rick Yancey, this book started of great for me, however I found the ending of the series a tad anti-climatic and the ending did not give me the feelings that I feel it should have. So it's only a 3.9 stars from me.

The fifth book I read in June was Sweet Liar by Debra Doxer, this was an arc I was supposed to read late last year, but have only just had the chance to get round to it and I am so glad I did, especially after enjoying the first book so much. You can check out my full review of Sweet Liar by Debra Doxer here and the first book in the duology Like Candy here.

The sixth book I read in June was Life and Death by Stephenie Meyer, I have been wanting to read this since it first came out in 2015, and I have to say I definitely enjoyed it as it bought back a lot of the old memories that I had with the Twilight saga, a finished review of Life and Death is scheduled to be posted on July 22nd.

The seventh book I read in June was Taming the biker by Cassie Alexandra, this came up as a suggested read which was free on Kindle, and as I had nothing to do at the time, figured I would give it ago, as it was a very quick NA read. In total it took me an hour and a half to finish this and I found it quite enjoyable.

The eighth book I read in June was Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, I loved this book, from the unusual writing style to the complex issues that the main character Lia goes through. This book deals with the mental struggles that a young girl with anorexia deals with. The book review of this shall be posted on July 29th.

And the final book I read in June was Zero by Morgan Dark, this was also an arc sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review. I really enjoyed this book and it has some of the biggest plot twists I have ever experienced in a book. You can see fully why in my book review here.

That is it for my June wrap up! I feel quite accomplished with the amount of books I have read as I had quite a busy beginning of the month with finishing college and ensuring that all of my coursework was in on time.

And now time for the tbr portion of the post, I have chosen three books for this. As these are all arc's I have been sent and have scheduled in.

The first is Falter Kingdoms by Michael J Seidlinger, I received a paperback arc of this a few days ago and have the review scheduled in for August 5th. From what I know so far, this is about a boy who realises that he has caught a demon (in a world where this is quite common), but finds that he does not want to get rid of it, despite its sinister intentions. This sounds very interesting, I am so excited to read it!

The second book on my tbr is I was, am, will be Alice by Elise Abram. This follows a girl called Alice, who finds out she can time travel, years after going through a traumatic incident that had shaped her life forever. From what I know it takes inspirations from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, so I am very interested to find out how this is going to happen within the novel.

The third book on my tbr is Tompkins School (For the Extraordinarily Gifted) by Tabi Slick. This is  about a girl whose father sends her and her twin brother to a boarding school, however they soon find it is not as ordinary as they originally thought. I am so excited to read all of these books and I am sure that you will see my thoughts and opinions on all of these in my next wrap up and reviews of them.

That is it for this months tbr and wrap up my lovelies, I have decided on a small tbr this month, as hopefully it will allow me to actually finish this months and to get through the above mentioned books. 

Thank you for reading, To keep more up to date with what I am reading, you can check out my TwitterGoodreads and Instagram.