Book Review: Deeper by Allyn Lesley

Hey my lovelies, this weeks review is of Deeper by Allyn Lesley, Deeper is the authors debut novel. I received this book as apart of the Deeper: Descent Book tour, which I shall be taking part in next week, with my review of the second book in this series Descent. As an extra note whilst writing this I am only 5 chapters into the second book, so I have no idea what will be going on next.

Title: Deeper
Author: Allyn Lesley
Publisher: Allyn Lesley llc
Pub. Date: April 20th 2015
Date Read:  11th July 2016
Pages: Approximately 278
Rating:3.9/5 stars
Goodreads Summary: Misled by the one she trusted the most...
With one standard traffic stop, everything Avianna Linton knew was shattered. Suddenly, her life wasn't what she thought. Hoping for anonymity and a new life, Avi flees to the bright lights of New York City, ready to start over.  Broken by a past he can't escape...
Rising from nothing on his own, Noah Adams grasps to power with bone-crushing grip, refusing to let anyone control him. The only person to ever dare to question his authority is her. And he can't handle it.
Connected by more than their disdain for one another... 
Avi can barely hide her contempt for him. Noah struggles to control himself in her presence. Their attraction is undeniable, but impractical. They make no sense. But the closer they get, the deeper they fall.


Deeper follows Avi aka Avianna a school teacher and the self proclaimed king of New York Noah. Avi has moved to New York City for a fresh start, hoping to escape her life of complications and bad choices. But when she starts hanging out her new friends Sophie, she soon meets her biggest complication yet, Noah. He is a powerful man, who gets whatever he wants and he wants Avi. Noah worked his way to the top doing whatever he had too, in order to get there. Giving him quite a large amount of dirty laundry. The two both soon realise that they are tangled in a web of lies and deceit neither of them ever knew existed.  


Overall, I did enjoy this book, however I did find myself having a few issues with it. As the flow of the story was not always consistent, as a few times scenes were cut and then revisited awhile after, or completely changed, which made it difficult to stay engaged, as it caused me to feel lost. As well as this I did find that certain characters got dropped and forgotten about towards the end of the book, mainly being Sophie, who was my personal favourite character. Although hopefully, these characters will be seen more in Deeper Descent.

Also I found that the multiple point of views were very confusing especially when there was a point of view change in the middle of  a chapter, as I personally would have preferred it if there were names stating, whose point of view I was reading, even on the ones that were supposed to remain a mystery could have just been known as "x" or something. And when then there was a influx of male character point of view at the beginning it took me a while to distinguish all of them, as well as side characters.


In conclusion, I did enjoy the book, as I adore stubborn characters, which trust me both Avi and Noah are. And I cannot wait to read the second book, Deeper Descent.


I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys suspenseful romances with dark crime filled twists. 

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I received this book as apart of the Deeper: Descent Book tour, which I shall be taking part in next week, with my review of the second book in this series Descent.

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