Book Review: Deeper: Descent by Allyn Lesley

Hey my lovelies, this weeks review is of Deeper: Descent by Allyn Lesley, this is the sequel to last weeks book for review, Deeper. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review as apart of the Deeper: Descent Book Tour, thanks to Xpresso Book Tours.

Title: Deeper: Descent
Author: Allyn Lesley
Publisher: Allyn Lesley llc
Pub. Date: April 5th 2016
Date Read:  11th July 2016
Pages: Approximately 238
Rating:3.9/5 stars
Goodreads Summary: He’s been a pawn in a game all along...
The King of New York is back. And now, he’s got a Queen on his arm. Just when Noah Adams and Avi Linton are finally settling in to their “happily ever after,” another evil is preparing to make a move. This time, the game just got a little more dangerous and nobody will come out unharmed. Determined to protect her at all costs, Noah puts his life on the line for the only woman who ever mattered to him. But that might not be enough. When the past begins to threaten their future, Avi and Noah must fight for their present. But can they battle against their enemy without descending deeper into danger?


I really liked how we went into the backstory of Noah and Avi, and we learn how Noah got to where he is and how he basically became himself. For me this one showed more character development than the first one. And even delved further into side characters pasts, including Noah's parents! I really liked that Deeper: Descent had multiple story line's, as it showed that the book had more substance.

The main critique of the book is that there was quite a bit of "telling" rather than showing. When we were told that characters had these feelings for each other, whereas at times I didn't feel like these characters had these feelings.
This book also relied quite a bit on flashbacks, which was a nice change, even if they did show some absolute psychopaths. Another thing I liked a lot is my precious baby Sophie is back! Yay! One of my critiques from the last book was that some of the side characters did seem to get dropped. However, most of these were picked back up in the second book.


In conclusion, I enjoyed this book and I look forward to reading the next book in the series to see how Noah and Avi's story hits its conclusion.


I would recomend Deeper: Descent to any fans of the first book in the series and if you're a newbie to the series, if you like crime filled romances this is one for you.

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Another huge thank you to Allyn Lesley and Xpresso book tours for allowing me to read this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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