T5W: Underrated Books

Hey my lovelies, this week I decided to try my hand at one of the Top 5 4 Wednesday posts , and this week it is my favourite underrated books. Now this is a topic I could go on and on about. Even before having my blog I used to love undiscovered gems, and having EnglishBlonde has let me find even more, which is why I try to accept as many Indie authors for review as I can. But you can find out more about that on my review policy page. Anyway, back to the post. 

Not necessarily an underated book, but what definitely deserves some more love is the Savant series by Joss Stirling, if you've been following my blog long, then you will already know how much I love this series, and one of this series spin off book's was one of my first ever reviews! But this series is great for anybody simply getting into the YA genre, or enjoys a supernatural read, that's just a bit different. But seriously, if you haven't already you should check it out

The next book on my list, is a seriously amazing book in my opinion, and that is Faceless by Alyssa B. Sheinmel, I posted a review on this a few months a go, which can be found here. Faceless deals with the aftermath of a serious facial disfigurement and deals with the stress and emotional trauma that our MC Maisie goes through by processing what has happened to her and how to effectively deal with it. I go in much more depth in my review, but you should read it, it's an amazing book and really does make you feel appreciative for what you have.

My third book is one that I was actually sent for review and that is the History Major by Michael Phillip Cash. I read this as part of a book tour mid-last year and loved it (You can find my review here). It was such a strange book, not only was it incredibly short (with only 120 pages), it held a ton of character development for the MC and upon till that point and still now I have never read a book like it. To me it was completely original in both plot, philosophical standards and the ending. 

And my final book, is another quite well known book. but it is AMAZING. That is the Hate list by Jennifer Brown. It took me ages, to finally get round to this, but it's great. Would recommend to everyone if I could. The Hate list discusses the hard hitting issue of the before, during and aftermath of school shootings. However, instead of it coming from the shooter or who you would expect the victim to be, it's the shooters girlfriend, who not only blames herself for what went down, but other people also believe she is partially responsible. It is such a great novel, taking you down various twists and turns you never expected to go on, but you are so glad you did(You can find out more here). As it is so important to learn more about these drastic situations that happen far too often. 

And on that slightly depressing (but important) note, that is the end of this weeks Top 5 4 Wednesday post, I am going to try and get some posts done for Wednesdays, but I cannot promise anything, as sometimes the T5W posts, don't take my fancy, but as mentioned in my New Years Resolutions, I'm trying to get 2-3 posts up a week. So I will be trying to do as much as I can.