T5W: Book trends I'm tired off

Hey my lovelies, welcome to this weeks top 5 Wednesday post, and unlike last weeks, this one is actually about books. And it is a list of my least favourite book tropes, that I am completely done with. Completely. Unless of cause, they have a new take on them. 

The top trope on my list is of cause 'The Love Triangle", I am quite sick of badly written, underdeveloped love triangles. Where the author clearly decides which one they want the protagonist to be with and makes the other one out to be the bad guy, whilst only actually developing a relationship between one of the two love interests. Or you will get the absolute worst kind of love triangle, when the author spends the first, two or maybe even three books developing a relationship between two characters, and as soon as the mysterious 'bad boy' comes into town, the author ditches all of the development that the former love interest has had, for this new and exciting guy. Who mysteriously stares off into the distance and broods. Yes, broods. Do I need to say any more? 

The next trope on my list is 'The servant best friend', you know the one. Where they have been best friends for years and have never had a disagreement in all that time. The main character then proceeds to drop said best friends for the new boyfriend at every chance they can get, and said best friend is completely fine with this and even encourages it. 

The third trope on my list is 'The disappearing parent', like seriously, where do they all go? One minute there they are fulfilling their parenting role, and the next 3/4's of the novel, we never see them and they clearly have no interest in what their children are actually doing. Like I'm sure here are some kind off parents that actually do this, but mine certainly aren't one of them. 

The fourth trope on my list is 'The Main Character is a wallflower', I am sick to death of characters not appreciating themselves, and just blending in with the background, with no one really knowing who they are. And whenever I read a book, where the character is not a wallflower, and is either popular or stands out in their own way, they are always blatant 'bitches' for not being wallflowers. Like what is with this YA 'VERSE? 

The fifth trope on my list is 'Instalove', and I don't mean how my twelve year old sister has a weird obsession with the notorious app. How on earth do these characters fall in love so fast? Like I find it difficult to become friends with people in the same time periods, that some of these people get together, move in and get engaged. Plus, the reader see's no actual development between the two, or that they actually like each other, bar a few kissing scenes. 

So that, my lovelies is my top 5 book trends that I'm tired off. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you haven't already check out last weeks Top 5 Wednesday post!  Thank you for reading, and don't forget to check out my Goodreads and Twitter to stay more up to date with what I'm reading.