Book Review: Girls by Savannah Avery

Hey my lovelies, today's book review is Girls by Savannah Avery. I kindly received this book for free for an honest review. I rated this 4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads.

Title: Girls
Author: Savannah Avery
Publisher: Createscape
Pub. Date: May 15th 2015
Date Read: May 24th 2015
Pages: 144
Rating:4/5 stars
Goodreads Summary: Seventeen year old Coco meets a group of girls who have everything she ever wanted- friendship, independence, beauty and attention from boys. But being one of the girls isn't easy. The group's leader M has strict rules and requires all of her girls to use their bodies to make her money. What is Coco willing to give up to become one of the girls?

The book starts off when Coco, a seventeen year old girl gets her first boyfriend. After he embarrasses her by dumping her, she feels that her world is over like any typical seventeen year old. And through this she becomes friends with a group of girls. The group consists of M, Katherine and Kitty. M is the ring leader of the group and is the eldest out of all of them, being a year older than Coco and Katherine. Kitty is the youngest being only 14/15 years old.

Soon she becomes accepted by the group and begins fitting to their ways (like wearing no make up etc). Coco then learns about power and how the other girls use their power over boys to gain money. Soon M wants Coco to work in the same way that they do and Coco finds herself wanting too. This book is about what people are willing to do and go through to fit in and make friends.  As shown when the group soon convert Coco into believing that girls who wear make up are slags and getting her to do what they want. Near the middle of the book, as a reader you pick up on little things that show the groups relationship as a unhealthy dependent one.  As they would all do anything for M to any extent, but apart from each of their relationships with M, the girls don't really have a good relationship with each other. Katherine and Coco try to become friends, but even that doesn't seem to work out. Katherine and Kitty are never seen together, and neither seem to care much about the other and Coco never really approached Kitty until the very end of the novel.

After becoming a prostitute like M wanted, Coco soon learns the risks of her and others actions. Girls is a compelling contemporary about how far you would go to fit in.

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