Book Review: The Sham by Ellen Allen

Hey my lovelies, todays review is The Sham by Ellen Allen. On a added note I received this ebook for an honest review. Sadly, I did not enjoy this book, It had all the makings of being in my top books, but sadly lacked a few key things for me. This is why on Goodreads, I rated this a measly 2/5 stars.

Title: The Sham
Author: Ellen Allen
Publisher: BookBaby
Pub. Date: September 7th 2014
Date Read: June 22nd 2015
Pages: 248
Rating: 2/5 stars
Goodreads Summary: When love leads to death, be careful who you trust…
Eighteen-year-old Emily Heath would love to leave her dead-end town, known locally as "The Sham", with her boyfriend, Jack, but he's very, very sick; his body is failing and his brain is shutting down. He's also in hiding, under suspicion of murder. Six months' ago, strange signs were painted across town in a dialect no one has spoken for decades and one of Emily's classmates washed up in the local floods. 
Emily has never trusted her instincts and now they're pulling her towards Jack, who the police think is a sham himself, someone else entirely. As the town wakes to discover new signs plastered across its walls, Emily must decide who and what she trusts, and fast: local vigilantes are hunting Jack; the floods, the police, and her parents are blocking her path; and the town doesn’t need another dead body

I am not a fan of this book, I'm normally love murder mystery books, but I found myself getting confused of which character is which and then I also  found the end unsatisfying. Even though I admit I enjoyed the plot twist at the end, the book seemed to end far too soon and you find out the answers you were looking for throughout the novel in the last five pages. Which I really did not like. 

The book started out with a disturbing scene and then followed on with another. This book is not for under 14's. As it has graphic scenes of violence. 

Emily was not a point of view that I enjoyed, she was a bit to weak for me. I personally prefer my MC's with more of a back bone. 

Spoilers Below this point. 

And if I  found out my boyfriend was schizophrenic and for the past few weeks I was convinced he was a murderer of three girls in my town, I wouldn't drive of into the rain (english weather is about the only thing the author got right).
There were plenty of unanswered questions left in the book as well. Why did the girls make a suicide pact? What would drive a group of girls to do that? And I have never met a group of girls, even 'mean girls' who would do what they did to a little kid. Why was Emily's 'crazy mum' always switching personalities? In her interrogation  she was going from freaking out to Emily saying how shocked she was about how her mum was handling it. WTH? 

Overall I disliked this book, but I have to say the name of the book is correct and I did like the tie in of the name of the book to the plot twist at the end. Thank you netgalley and Ellen Allen for the opportunity of receiving and reading this book for an honest review. 

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