Book Review: The Stellow Project by Shari Becker

Hey my lovelies, the first book up for review this week is The Stellow Project by Shari Becker. I received this ebook for free in return for an honest review, thanks to Netgalley. First of all I apologies if this review seems a little rushed, as I know I have slacked off a few times on reviews for the past few weeks. So after only finishing reading this book around an hour before posting this review, i just wanted to get this up, so it would be on time.

Title: The Stellow Project
Author: Shari Becker
Publisher: Skyscape
Pub. Date: June 23rd 2015
Date Read: June 29th 2015
Pages: 305
Rating: 4/5
Goodreads Summary: When a killer storm unexpectedly hits Manhattan, seventeen-year-old Lilah Stellow’s dad insists that she and her younger sister, Flori, take refuge at their cabin in the mountains. But instead of joining them with the experimental drug that keeps Lilah alive, he disappears just as news reports name him as a prime suspect in an act of ecoterrorism.

As days pass without her medicine, Lilah finds herself teetering on the edge, caring for her sister, and growing increasingly certain they’re being watched. In her search for answers, Lilah is thrown into the center of a mystery involving an off-the-grid research facility and finds herself drawn in by Daniel, an intriguing boy who is the son of the lead scientist. As she dares to seek answers, Lilah slowly realizes that even the best intentions can go horribly wrong

The Stellow Project is a book about a sixteen year old girl called Lilah, who after a freak storm happens in New York. She has to wait it out with her best friend and little sister in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Soon she finds out that the government and pretty much everyone blames her father for the storm, as he is supposed to be the one who lets the country know that the storm is coming, so they can prepare for it. After this, her life of being a physically ill teenage girl, gets turned upside down, when she finds out that everything she thought she knew about her parents and herself are wrong.

Overall I enjoyed the book, but I do have to warn any potential readers that it takes about a 100/110 pages to get into the novel. This is probably the main problem I have with this book, as I mainly prefer more action packed books, but I imagine that the sequel will be more action filled and have a lot more to do with the explanations we received at the end. But by thinking back about what we actually found out in the book, the book didn't answer any questions from the beginning. Like what is wrong with her? What really happened with the weather in New York? What is going on with her mother?

In conclusion, I enjoyed the book enough, that when the sequel comes out I will read it. Thank you Netgalley and Shari Becker for the oppurtunity to read The Stellow Project for an honest review.

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