June Wrap Up

Hey my lovelies, this month has not been a good reading month, I have only read a total of five books.

I have been in a reading slump this month, and after reading Ugly Love at the beginning, I couldn't get into any other books. This was not because Ugly Love was a bad book, in fact the opposite. It was really good, but just one of them books where you can't be bothered to read any other books because the last one you read was so good.

The second book I read was Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, this was also another good book, but I don't think it had the full impact on me due to me taking large break periods of a couple of days between picking the book back up.

The next three books I read this month I was sent as arcs, thanks to netgalley. They were The Sham by Ellen Allen. Suicide notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten and The Stellow Project by Shari Becker.

That is it for this month my lovelies, To be more up to date on what I am reading and buying follow me on my twitterinstagram and Goodreads.