Christmas Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts for Book Lovers

Hey my lovelies, welcome to my second bookish gift guide, and this one is for Bookish Gifts! This ones for all your avid reader friends (or you), with a price range of £0-to as much as you like. 

The first bookish gift I have on my list, is a bookmark, as who can ever have enough bookmarks? I know I personally can't, as I either misplace them or have them littered about my bookshelf. Which is why it is the perfect small gift for anyone. If you want to make this even more special, you can even find people who are willing to personalise them for you, on websites such as Amazon, Redbubble and Etsy. 

My next bookish gift is a mug, I love mugs, and have a large collection of them, and its perfect for if you drink tea, coffee or even just water. This mug doesn't even have to be a bookish one, and is perfect for all those late nights, when you can't go sleep until you've finished "just one more" chapter. 

My third bookish gift is a journal or pretty notebook. They can then use this as a reading journal, to track their thought process, reading stats and their goals for the coming year. I purchased a notebook, to track my reading process, this year and will be soon writing a post on here, of my difficulties with using a normal notebook. Which is why this year, I have decided to use a Moleskine notebook to track my progress. You can pick up a pretty notebook from discount book stores such as The Works, or purchase a Moleskine from anywhere between £8-£20 (I've also purchased one for my best friend this year too). 

My fourth bookish gift is a pair of headphones, there is nothing worse than when you get to finally sit down to read a good book, only for a racket to start up somewhere close to you. So a good pair of headphones are almost essential to be able to block everything (or one) out. I personally have a pair of pink Sony XB450AP Extra Bass Headphones, which are the perfect size, as they are small and compact and fit in all of my bags, for some on the go reading. 

The fifth bookish gift is a Bookstore Gift Card, now this could be your local independent or even your local Waterstones. This is a great gift if you know, your friend enjoys reading, but are unsure of what to get or what they already own, as this way they can choose exactly what they want and don't have to pay for it. 

My final bookish gift, is a slightly more expensive one, and it is a e-reader, I got my first e-reader around 4 years ago now and I loved it so much. However, I did drop it so many times, in the end it was held together by sellotape. I replaced that last year with the latest Kindle Fire HD, and loved that one too, with my only grievance being the battery life on the thing (it barely lasts 4 hours if I do anything but reading). Even still I love having an e-reader, as it is much easier to carry around, than having a pile of books in your bag. 

That is it for my second Christmas Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts for Book Lovers my lovelies,  this is the third post in my Christmas series. If you haven't already checked out my Christmas Gift Guide: YA books for Book Lovers or my Emma Recommends... Winter Reads, i suggest you fo. 

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