December Wrap Up & January TBR

Hey my lovelies, welcome to my December Wrap Up! I didn't read as much as I would have liked, as my goal was 6 books, however only ended up reading 5 books. 

December Wrap Up

The first book I read in December was The Selection by Kiera Cass, I enjoyed this book a lot more than I expected, yes there was points that I didn't like, but I found that it was a very enjoyable read, and really began to route for America. Which is why the second book I read in December was The Elite by Kiera Cass and followed it with The One by (shocklingly) Kiera Cass. Meaning I completed the original Selection trilogy.

The fourth book I read in December was What I Thought was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick, this is the second book written in this world, with little cameos from characters from the first novel, My Life Next Door, which I read earlier this year. I did enjoy What I Thought was True, however it is definitely one of the most long winded books I have ever read, with most of the plot happening in the final 50 pages, which isn't the best when it is 496 pages long.

The fifth book I read in December was Famous Last Words by Katie Alender, this book was not as good as I expected it to be, and you can find out all about why in my first book review of the year, coming out on Friday 6th of January!

January TBR

And for my first tbr of the year I only want to read 5 books. Yes that's it. Quite unambitious for me, right?

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